DePaw Kennels are owned and operated by Paul and Deb Brooks.

Paul has been involved in the kennel business since his childhood. Paul’s father Anthony owned and operated Ru-An Kennels from before Pauls birth until he attended college. During these many years Paul’s involvement and love of dogs was nurtured and developed under first his father experience and guidance, then through his entire life with many dogs of his own.

During his entire life Paul’s dream has been to operate his own small kennel where quality breeding of dogs with outstanding heritage in both show and field would lead to a kennel with a reputation for the finest of the breed that can be obtained.

This dream has now come to pass. After years of effort, Paul and Deb began with searching for and obtaining dogs with the finest pedigrees and dispositions. They then had all dogs certified in all areas of health by qualified Veterinarians to become the kennels original breeding dogs. Only then did DePaw Kennels begin a new tradition by offering it’s first litter of pups to the public.

This tradition will continue and be offered to those seeking the absolute best of the German Shorthaired Breed. All puppies offered have the finest of both Champions of Show, and or Champions in Hunting in their backgrounds.

All puppies are of course guaranteed healthy and for those not wishing to pursue the show or hunting arenas the puppies are sure to qualify as wonderful companions and pets.